Property Management Services

If you are a Landlord or a Tenant, we are here to help you.

At riverandsea we strive to maximise our landlords' investment return by letting to good quality tenants, whether private individuals or corporate, many of whom we have worked with previously.

We are a highly respected and reliable Real Estate Agency in Perth's western suburbs whose reputation for excellence in property management over many years is well known. Our experienced and professional property management team understand the letting market and know their area well. They will invest time and energy into getting to know you and your property and finding the ideal tenant. Landlords and tenants can be perfectly matched and it is our aim to ensure a successful tenancy and a harmonious business relationship. Whether you are a private or corporate landlord or tenant, and whether or not this is your first time letting or renting a property, you will appreciate our expertise, client care and exceptional knowledge of the market.

We are proud of the high volume of repeat business we handle, new landlord clients coming to us by personal recommendation and the fact that many of our clients have been with riverandsea for well over fifteen years.

Most landlords do not wish to be involved in day-to-day letting matters and riverandsea offers a full property management service but for those landlords who prefer to manage their property themselves but require a "Let Only" service, riverandsea can find and reference prospective tenants.

Like the properties they rent, our tenants' reasons for renting, and their requirements, are quite diverse. Many tenants choose to rent a property in order to familiarise themselves with an area prior to purchasing and prefer to remain in a strong cash position when they come to buy or they simply have a short-term need for a quality property because of family or work commitments.

Whatever the reason for needing to rent a property, riverandsea's Property Managers will take the time to understand your circumstances and requirements. We appreciate that a rented property will become "home" and as such both landlord and tenants have responsibilities to each other. We aim to support our landlords with the responsibilities of renting a property to tenants and also assist our tenants in meeting their obligations.


If you find yourself booking serviced apartments or hotels for anything between one and six months then please consider short term rentals which could be a cheaper and more convenient alternative.

Usually offered fully furnished and equipped, the flexibility of this type of tenancy appeals to numerous business sectors.


Like everything in life, maintaining a property is essential to ensure its longevity and good condition. riverandsea can assist in introducing a number of tradesmen for landlords seeking to keep their property in top condition on an ongoing basis, or just fixing a problem. We have a number of our preferred local professionals and we are here to help.

When preparing a property for the rental market, very often the smallest touch to the interior decoration can make a huge difference to the appeal and therefore the price. Perhaps you do not have time to deal with such issues yourself but we at riverandsea can assist by providing information on the many painters, decorators and others who can assist, as well as professionals who can advise on carpeting and soft furnishings suitable for rental properties.

Please call the riverandsea Property Management Team for assistance.