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riverandsea Buying Tips

There is no easy way to be sure you are making the right choice of property. The best way forward is thorough research on selected areas and locations, past and present property values and property forecasts by reputable sources but especially the partnership between the prospective buyer and a first class experienced and reliable real estate agent.

The internet is probably the best and most used tool for seeking property in the first instance however many agencies have "silent listings" where sellers have indicated their wish to sell but prefer not to advertise. It is always worth talking to an agent of your choice early in your search to see if there is anything available which is not in the public arena.

Open Homes provide excellent opportunities for the first, or even second look at a property as it is usually easy to identify what would be suitable. It is important to be completely satisfied that the property you have in mind is the right one and good agents are happy to make further appointments to view and to discuss every aspect of the property and any possible alterations or renovations if needed.

Don't forget the agent will know all about a property being sold and his or her experience and knowledge is invaluable. An agent local to the area in which you are searching is often best and riverandsea real estate has been helping buyers and sellers in Mosman Park and the surrounding western suburbs for many years.


The main costs associated with making a property purchase in Western Australia in addition to the cost of the property itself, will be Stamp Duty and settlement costs.

No payment is made by the buyer to the selling agent unless the selling agent has been retained by the buyer as a "buyer's agent".

Stamp Duty and settlement costs vary according to the price of the property and may be different in the various States which make up the Commonwealth of Australia.

The method of buying property in Western Australia is usually very straight forward and can often be a very quick procedure if desired. It is essential though that a professional Settlement Agent (Conveyancer) or Solicitor be appointed to handle the transaction and buyers will be asked to nominate a Settlement Agent of their choice at the time of signing the Offer and Acceptance so it is a good idea to make enquiries as to which Company meets your requirements prior to purchasing. riverandsea real estate will be happy to assist in making this choice if required.

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